two vets caring for dog


At Applewood Animal Hospital, we do not consider any anesthetic procedure to be “minor”. Even routine procedures are taken very seriously and with every precaution for your pets’ safety. Every pet undergoing anesthesia first has a physical examination and pre-anesthetic blood work to determine the ability of the internal organs (primarily the liver and kidneys) to process the anesthesia. In addition each pet receives an intravenous catheter enabling them to receive fluids during the procedure. This helps to regulate your pet’s blood pressure and provides immediate access to a vein should one be needed at any point during the procedure. Your animal’s surgery table is heated for greater comfort and post-operative recovery, and isoflurane anesthesia is used to insure a deep sleep and a smooth recovery.

Anesthesia Safety for Pets

Perhaps most important, all anesthetic pets are monitored by trained veterinary technicians not just during the procedure but until your pet is fully awake to further ensure his or her safety. Our anesthesia protocols are individualized for each pet, with special attention paid to our geriatric pets. Schedule an appointment with Applewood Animal Hospital. Our expert team has been caring for pets in Paradise Valley and has the knowledge and experience to ensure your pet is calm and comfortable throughout the process. Contact our team today at (480) 448-9060.