Close up of a brown and white dog at the vet

Dentistry Procedures

Pet dental health affects more than your pets’ ability to chew. Excessive tartar and gingivitis (infection of the gums) can result in a shower of bacteria being spread through your pets’ body, affecting not just the mouth but also the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and other vital organs.  Dental disease in animals can also cause pain.  We encourage regular brushing and providing your pets with toys and treats that promote dental health but most pets will eventually benefit from a dental cleaning.

Dental Cleaning Process for Pets

At Applewood Animal Hospital, dental cleanings for pets are performed under general anesthesia, using the same equipment used by human dental hygienists.  All pets receive full dental radiographs, enabling us to look beneath the gumline for dental disease.  Pet’s teeth are cleaned using both ultrasonic descalers and hand scaling, followed by a high speed polish and an application of Oravet, a sealant which will help minimize future plaque buildup.