Allison & Sahara

Allison, CVT

Allison is not just any Certified Veterinary Technician, she had the highest GPA in her graduating class in the Veterinary Technician Program at Mesa Community College! That is but one of the reasons we were thrilled when she joined us after working for nine years at an animal hospital in Cave Creek. Born in Alaska, Allison grew up in Tucson and moved to the Valley in 2011. She competed in eventing with her horses for 15 years but now keeps busy with her husband and their dogs Sahara (“the favorite/golden child”, don’t tell the others), Beau Duke (“the naughty dog”) and Bast the Cornish Rex (“the husband’s cat”). Allison is passionate about animals with weight issues and will happily calculate calories and diet plans to help keep your pets lean, healthy and happy.