veterinarian with with black fluffy cat


If you’re at Applewood and hear a woman speaking rapid-fire Spanish in the back, smile and know that there is a happy pet being cared for! Alicia, who was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, has a way of talking to the animals that helps even the most anxious feel calm. Alicia graduated with a doctorate in veterinary medicine from Universidad Complutense de Madrid and was a licensed veterinarian before moving to Arizona in 1989. She worked for 23 years as a veterinary oncology nurse before joining the Applewood team, and how lucky we are to have her here!

Alicia is a cat lover with three of her own (Lili, Spot and Wifi), an avid birder and hiker (she completed the famed Camino de Santiago) and loves to knit, travel and read. She hopes to one day visit the Galapagos Islands but until then loves working “surrounded by the best coworkers one can dream of…and the best patients!”