young woman with medium sized white dog

Kate, CVT

Here’s what you need to know about Kate: she used to ski to work, she is an avid knitter, she and her husband own a company that manufactures and sells surgical scrubs, she’s only had six jobs in her entire life (the first three were as a “bartender extraordinare”) and she foster-failed (“HARD”) with Tater, the adorable Bull Terrier pictured here. A Certified Veterinary Technician who also helps out as a receptionist,

Kate and her husband share their home with her soul-cat Oliver and a sassy Oriental Shorthair named Mouse. Born and raised in west Michigan, Kate’s long-term goal is to become a snowbird as soon as possible to continue working on the fixer-upper home they own in Michigan. Despite the knitting and the snowbird goals Kate wants you to know she’s not that old. We want you to know what a wonderful person she is and that we’re thrilled that she’s a part of the Applewood family!